Rethinking academia

Next-generation field courses: integrating Open Science and online learning

Traditionally, field courses focus on training participants in relevant practical field research methodologies, while also developing their project management and collaborative skills. Here we illustrate how Open Science research principles could be more explicitly integrated into field course design to enhance broader scientific learning outcomes as well as leveraging the use of online tools during the teaching process.

Data are the sheet music and data visualisation is the symphony

Much like how the conductor must guide the orchestra to produce music we as scientists should think about how we can better 'guide' our data to tell a story

From a crisis to an opportunity: Eight insights for doing science in the Covid-19 era and beyond

The COVID-19 crisis has forced researchers in Ecology to change the way we work almost overnight. Nonetheless, the pandemic has provided us with several novel components for a new way of conducting international Science. In this perspective piece, we …